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Jaatinen has worked 30 years in the electronics industry. He has a very practical approach to legislation: what does it mean, why should I care, and what I should do.

Vaalasranta has 20 years of experience in the electronics industry, including component data management and outsourced compliance data collection.

Suggestion for course content

Manufacturer's responsibilities

  • Substances that should not be in the product
  • Who is responsible? 
  • Compliance obligations 
  • A little bit of EU terminology 
  • A little bit of US terminology 
  • CE marking 


Common regulations concerning restricted substances

EU regulations

  • EU - RoHS (10 substances, exemptions)
  • EU - RoHS (2 new substances) one pager 
  • EU - REACH (SVHC, Annex XIV, Annex XVII, exemptions, CMR, CLP) 
  • EU - Communication to supply chain per REACH Annex 33 
  • EU - ECHA SCIP RME00026, 
  • EU - POPs (Stockholm convention) 
  • Lead (CAS No.: 7439-92-1) Recommendation to be included in Annex XIV of REACH 


  • What are PFAS 
  • EU - PFAS restrictions in the EU 
  • US - PFAS restrictions in the US 

US and Canada regulations

  • US - Toxic substances control act, TSCA 6(h) 
  • CA - Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999,
  • Prohibition of Certain Toxic Substances Regulations, 2012 (SOR/2012-285) 

Material compliance management

  • Material compliance management concepts 
  • EN IEC 63000:2018 
  • Various types of declarations 
  • Full Material Declaration (FMD) 

Questions and answers


If you plan organizational development projects, it is good to be able to measure performance before and after changes.

GAP analysis: Material compliance management with respect to the restriction of hazardous substances

This workshop is based on the ISO 14001:2015 environmental management standard.


Knowledge is an important resource for establishing product compliance management. When addressing future challenges, the organization should take into account its current knowledge base and determine how to acquire or access the necessary additional knowledge. [EN ISO 14004:2016]


Presentation material in pdf format, including up-to-date hyperlinks to references. Customer may record the training and use it internally.

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