Who we are

RoHS Management Oy

RoHS Management team has 30 years of experience in the electronics industry.

We have experience in implementing outsourced compliance data collection, integrating GreenSoft database to existing PDM systems, and bringing this improved capability into daily operations.

Maybe you need extra hand in training top management, product managers, or product development. Should you be interested in gap analysis of compliance management, writing instructions, or integrating compliance management into your certified ISO 14001 management system, this is what we have done.

We want you to succeed!


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What we do

RoHS Management together with GreenSoft Technology Inc.
ensures that your device will have the best documentation now and in the future.

  • Complete list of substances in mechanics and electronics
  • Up-to-date legislation and market specific requirements

Our process contains the following three steps:

  1. Determine which regulations apply to your product
  2. Determine which substances the product contains
  3. Cross-check all substances with applicable regulations

As a result you will receive a written report on product compliance.

Juhana Jaatinen

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Ilkka Vaalasranta

Senior Material Compliance Specialist
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Sanna Jaatinen

Office Manager